Menifee Child Photography :: Emery at 4 months

Our big boy Emery is already 4 months old! (actually even older now because Auntie has been slacking and hasn’t gotten these posted for a couple of weeks!) But yes 4 months already! This session was oh-so-very-easy because he is such a good, happy boy. I mean look at that smile on his little face in the very first one. I see so much of my brother in Emery it’s crazy, but as he is getting older I definitely see more of Grace too. I think it’s a perfect mixture of them both! I seriously love of these!These 3 might be my all time favorite!!But then again.. maybe these are!I know there were a ton but as always I had a hard time narrowing down. He’s just so stinkin cute! Love you my little Emery xoxo!


One thought on “Menifee Child Photography :: Emery at 4 months

  1. Not that this matters, but what I love most about Emery is that sweet sparkle in his eyes! And these totally capture that which makes me so happy! And I love them all but totally agree on your three favorites too! He’s just so photogenic but he looks like he’s having so much fun with his auntie!

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