Menifee Maternity Photography :: Shirley

Wow is it been a long time since I’ve posted anything! Don’t worry I did not go into labor! ha. I’ve just been extremely busy/extremely tired so I haven’t been able to touch this blog. I have one more week of my full time job and then I am retiring from it! It really is an awesome job (I’ve been temping for the Elsinore Water District for about 14 weeks now) but I’m exhausted, and my body hurts! Anyway, one week and I’m hoping my time will free up (of course as long as Grayson doesn’t decide he wants to join us any earlier than he’s suppose to!) I am looking forward to staying in my pajama’s all day and only working from home again.

Speaking of being exhausted and sore, Shirley knows exactly how that feels. She is a few weeks behind me and is due to have her baby Avian in June. Shirley had tons of ideas for her session and here are a few of my favorites!My personal favorite from the day..She wanted to have each one of the kids plus her husband Jimmy paint something unique on her belly.We also took some more intimate photos inside, these are my two favorites.

I wish you the best Shirley with the rest of your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby boy Avian! I can’t wait to meet your new little man!

This past weekend I had the other two, yes two baby showers I was being given. Can I just say that I am blown.AWAY by the people who threw these for me. Both of them different, but amazing! So hopefully some time very soon I’ll get pictures up from each of these!


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