One month from today..

Is my due date, May 19th… I can’t even believe it! As scared about the labor as I am, I am starting to get really excited about it at the same time. Because it means that is the day that I will meet my second love, meet my heart outside my body. I imagine what that day will be like but I know that it will far exceed any expectations that I have.

As for now, what has changed since my last post:

I’ve gained 3 more pounds, so a total of 25 now.

I have been getting more and more braxton hicks, the other night I had one that actually hurt kind of bad. I had to get out of bed and stretch and just wait for it to go away.

Little G has gained a little over 2 pounds, at my doctor’s appointment yesterday morning Dr. Dimmette said he’s measuring about 5 lbs, 11 ounces. She told me he has no body fat! He takes after his daddy on that one! Also when she checked me she was able to feel his head, so he’s ready to go!

Since it’s nearing the end of my pregnancy I will instead talk about what I will miss about being pregnant, rather than what I won’t. Now, there isn’t much ha but a few things:

I will miss people’s affection, unlike other people I do love it when (women) come up and touch my belly. I think it’s their way of already showing love to my son (without spreading germs by actually touching him!) haha kidding. sort of.

I will miss the way people look at me, so sweetly. Strangers who probably wouldn’t smile at me otherwise will. They will ask me about him, I just love that.

I will miss not having to lift heavy things, even if it isn’t really that heavy they don’t let me lift it. I like that.

I will miss feeling him move. Even more than that, I will miss knowing that he is safely tucked away. Knowing his heart is safe from the heartbreaks this world gives.

I will also miss Scott as a husband to a pregnant wife. I’ve always, always wondered how he would be. He just blows me away sometimes, the man he is when I am not pregnant knocks my socks off but this past 9 months I’ve fallen even more in love with him. I mean don’t get me wrong he’s not giving me pedicures and foot rubs like I’ve heard some husbands do! But that wouldn’t be the man I married if he did. If I feel like complaining about my body hurting, (or anything pregnancy or work-related) he lets me and totally understands. Although obviously he can’t totally understand because he is not/will never carry a child. He’s also put up with (the very few might I add) sudden emotional tantrums I’ve had. I have a feeling he will be equally supportive of my baggy-eyed, messy hair, exhausted (but I’m sure still lovely) personality I will have when Grayson is here and I am sleep-deprived. But I will miss him, and us, how we are right now.

I wish I had a picture from my ultra sound yesterday but he was so low she wasn’t really able to get any sort of facial view. So this post will have to go without one, but I think we’ve all already imagined what he will look like and will just have to keep that image in our minds for now. Thank you for stopping by and for reading my journey once again, leave a comment and let me know you came. Have a great Thursday! xoxo j.

4 thoughts on “One month from today..

  1. People will still smile and ask you about him! I think it’s even better than when I was pregnant. :) And as far as Scott goes, just wait until you’re in labor and the first time he is with Grayson. It’s hard to explain but it’s not necessarily that I loved Brian more…it was different. Deeper.

    But I do agree on the being pregnant excuse for doing things. ;) I’m so excited! Be glad he’s already locked and loaded! Good signs!

  2. I know I am one of those that look at you different! haha I can’t help it. I am just so excited that your turn is here! That after all the past events, Grayson is growing as healthy as can be. It helps that you look at us different too… did you know that?? You have like a sparkle in your eye as you grab our hands to feel him, scratch that, miss him kicking. That may be my favorite of all… the way you look at us. :o)

    • Aw Sam you have me crying at the front desk of the water district.. That is so sweet. I didn’t know that, thank you for telling me. I love you so much.

  3. Jessica,
    We are so excited for Grayson to join our church family! He will be so blessed to have you and Scott for his parents while he is here on this earth. God knew him even before he was made and has BIG plans for him. Can’t wait to see what they are :) ♥, Karen

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