Spilled chicken salad & Decent people

Today at lunch had to be the worst “hour” of my pregnancy so far, I do believe as I’m getting closer towards the end, my emotions are running a muck. (who says that!?) Basically I find myself tearing up or crying over pretty much nothing. Well today was a little more than nothing, at least in my opinion. After my post this morning about how wonderful my husband is, he decided to disagree with me on a certain issue which already had me cranky. Plus these last 2 days at work here are driving me crazy (I do not love the people I have been working with in this new department. like at all.) So even just 2 days I had left had me a little annoyed..

As I type this out, don’t think I don’t realize that this all is on me to deal with correctly. But I will continue to blame the hormones instead. So back to my lunch, I thought I’d run to the Lake Elsinore Walmart (mistake #1) and I normally can tolerate the “different” types of people who work there but again raging hormones and the little time frame I am dealing with I just shouldn’t have even gone. I needed to pick up some fabric.. long story longer the lady working didn’t understand what she was doing, thus taking at least 20 minutes to cut 1 yard + another 1/2 yard!

So I had to be back at work (had I still be in Engineering this wouldn’t matter because it’s so casual back there but not where I am now…) in exactly 20 minutes and I hadn’t even got lunch yet. I run into El Pollo Loco to get my salad all the while talking to this nice guy at the counter, he was asking all about the baby (which of course I mentioned this morning that I love) I grab it and run to the car to eat it in literally 5 minutes. I’m pretty sure you all can take a guess at what happens next…. The entire salad all.over.my.floor! The whole thing! I stare at it, (might have said something awful in my head) debate whether I should attempt to pick it all up and just eat it, or just drive straight home and get into bed. Since neither of those options would work, I instead burst into tears. I called Scott who tells me not to worry about being late (2 more days left, who cares) he offers to bring lunch but that won’t work because of where I sit. So I decide to run back in and get another one. The nice man takes one look at me and probably knew what was coming (I tried to wipe away most of the tears and running mascara but I’m sure I wasn’t completely sucessful) I let him  know that I needed to order a new salad because the other one spilled in my car. He went to who I am assuming was his manager and this is how I believe the conversation went, “Do you see that pregnant girl in tears over there? She dropped her salad in her car, can we make her a new one for free?” Whatever he said worked, and they made me a salad exactly (the picky way) I ordered it at no extra cost to me.

And so that is the moral of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad lunch… there are still nice people in the world. And today I’m thankful for them. Especially Jeff at El Pollo Loco.


2 thoughts on “Spilled chicken salad & Decent people

  1. Im glad there are decent people. And I’m so glad Jeff at el pollo loco helped you out. When I was pregnant, about as far along as you are now, I cried over a chicken sandwhich from yellow basket. I’m not going to share the details because it’s embarrassing. But let’s just say I know how you feel. And to this day he teases me about it. I still blame the hormones :) I hope your day got better!

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