Sneak Peek ::

Now there is a reason why I am behind the camera 99% of the time and not modeling in front of it. 2 words = Not.Photogenic. But… I of course have to take maternity photos, I mean it’s not life or death or anything but for me it’s a time that I wanted to capture through photos, to be able to go back through and remember that moment in time. So in my world, that’s a have to moment.

I’ve only seen a few of them so far but I thought I would post my 2 favorites just for the heck of it. I’ve been so absent on the blog front that I need to make up for lost time.. When I get all of them I will link up Ebony’s information as well so you can all go and check out her work too. I’m suppose to be getting the rest of them today or tomorrow, so once I catch up on my “real” work I plan to post more of my favorites, plus my showers from the other weekend.


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