Canyon Lake Photography :: Jaxon Joseph 1 year

Jaxon turned 1 year old.. last month.. That is how behind I am on posting these photos! But before I get to all of my favorites I have to tell you a little story, last week Scott and I were over visiting with Kristy and Jaxon for the night. He was of course running around like a mad-man but eventually hopped up on the couch with all of us. Then out of nowhere he starts a conversation with me, he is fully talking and from the look on his face he honestly believed I understood what he was saying. Or maybe he thought I didn’t understand because he would repeat the same babble over and over again. Each time he would swoosh his right hand across his body gesturing to something. After several attempts his would tip his head to the right, almost like, “do you get it?” Seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I was laughing so hard I was literally in tears.. I covered my face with the pillow because I was laughing so hard, but as soon as I put it down, he’d start up again explaining to me his life story. I’m sure describing it now doesn’t sound as cute as it was, but it is a time with him I will always cherish. He’s got such a great personality.

Okay now back to the photos, we went to the Canyon Lake Lodge, we also enlisted Uncle Mikey to help us entertain and get a handle on the rugrat. He’s an easy kid to photograph but my energy level runs a little lower these days. Mikey was such a huge help and Jaxon just loves him.I have the cutest nephews ever (sorry but it’s true) and they both have the best personalities. I can’t wait for them to meet their cousin! Love you Jaxon xoxo!


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