Guess when Grayson is going to join the World…

I thought it might be fun to start a baby pool for anyone who wants to try and guess when our little guy is going to be joining us. I’m not going to get all crazy and gamble on his birth or anything but I do have a iTunes gift card that I can give away for the person who guesses the closest to when he actually arrives! I Googled different baby pools and man, some people get nutty and guess height, weight, eye color, hair color everything! I don’t want to go that extreme, I want to know what day and hour you think I will have him.. that’s it!

Okay so I went to the doctor’s yesterday and for some reason I was thinking I’d have this great progression and oh I don’t know be ready for labor. Not that it’s what I want because I’m still deathly afraid of the actual labor, but I think that’s why I thought I would have all of this progression since last week.. because I am so afraid. But everything was as it was last week, his head is already down and she could feel him. I am not dilated but my cervix has softened but that’s about it. Also, something important to note, I asked her what the furthest away from my due date she’ll before she will induce me. She said the longest she will go is a week, but if everything with baby and myself are healthy she will could possibly induce as early as my actual due date… (very important note I think) If I could pick a date that he would be born, I know that exact date… But I’m not telling anyone! :) And obviously there are tons of factors that go into that as well, if there are openings at the hospital, etc.

Sooo that is the update and now it’s time to start guessing. Here’s what you have to do. Either post a comment here on my blog, or on my Facebook feed that has the link to this post with the date and hour you think Grayson Scott will join us. I am going to leave it open until Monday morning and we’ll start the pool Monday evening. (because you never know, I’ve had several friends that have gone into labor 3 weeks early) I’ll post the calendar, or schedule once I have everyone’s entries. I hope lots of people join in just because I think it will be fun! And at least be something else I can think about when I am actually in (scary!) labor… Whoever is the closest to the date and hour (without going over) is the winner. I will announce the winner as soon as I’m able to get back on here after he is born. (which obviously could be a little while depending how labor and recovery go)

Now I’ll leave you with a little picture of the flowers I made for our church’s Women’s Lunch that’s starting in just a few hours. Because it’s such a beautiful day, why not add a little prettiness to it. I hope you all have a blessed day!!


14 thoughts on “Guess when Grayson is going to join the World…

  1. May 23rd @10:39pm Cameron’s 18th BDay but I’m sure you don’t want to be that late nor will they probably let you go that long! I just pray that all goes well and you are both healthy !!!

  2. Well I missed the deadline… so I will just say when I hope he comes… May 17 or May 21 so I will be in town for his arrival!! So excited to meet you mister Grayson!

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