Tustin Family Photography :: Joanna + Family

This family has quickly become one of my favorites I have ever worked with. So fun, easy going and full of life. When I first met Joanna (the adult on the furthest right in my first photo) through working at the water district I had not idea I’d grow to care so much about her. Not because I didn’t like her when I met her, but because I figured I would be in and out of that place so fast that no one would take the time to become my friend. But I was wrong (wrong also because all the women in that department took the time to become friends with me) but mostly because Joanna did, and in the short time I’ve known her I have been so blessed by her. By her strength, her wisdom and her deep love for the people in her life. Joanna has had so much happen to her in her short life and look at the smile on her face, that smile is real, and is always there when I see her. Even on bad days. Some day when she writes a book on her life like I told her she needs too, I’ll post here about it so you can all read it :)

Okay sorry, enough rambling from me.. Meet Joanna’s family, they’re lovely.Joanna’s sister Tina, and her familyJoanna and her son Jordan, I love all three of these photos very much!Her sister Trinity and kidsAll of the kiddos were so sweet and so co-operative, it made things run so smoothly..But you gotta have some fun sometimes! So cute!Thank you family for allowing me to be the one who captured these moments. Thank you Joanna for bringing me into so much of your life, for letting me meet your family and for being an encouragement to me. I’m blessed by you, and cannot wait to continue on having you as a friend.

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