Grayson :: What’s in my Bag?

I thought that I would try something a little different and do a little version of “What’s in my Bag?” I’ve seen other people do this with the bags they carry everyday but thought I’d do this instead, because obviously delivery of this little babe is pretty much the only thing on my mind these days (and sleepless nights) I’ve seen lists from other mom’s of things that they suggest I bring plus a few things I know comfort me. If I ever have the chance after my delivery to tell you the things I actually used, I’ll do that :) So here we go..

The Diaper Bag.. believe it or not but deciding on this bag was one of the hardest things (the very hardest being his crib bedding, ps. which is still pending) But I LOVE it and think it’s the best choice for me. My purses are usually huge so it’s only right my diaper bag be even larger..

  1. Cash for the vending machines
  2. Lotion (What for? I don’t know. We don’t want ashy legs)
  3. Chapstick (this is a MUST for me)
  4. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  5. Lanolin – no explanation needed
  6. The baby pool – for entertainment purposes of course
  7. Bobby pins, headband and hair ties (I packed extra, friends in the waiting room please let me know if you need one)
  8. Phone charger
  9. Deodorant (another must)
  10. Leak protection (I forget what they’re even called)
  11. Extra undies
  12. I’ve also added gum since I took these pictures, you always need gum.
Snacks of course.. I can’t survive without Cheez-Its! If you know me, you know I have absolutely the most ridiculous phobia of throwing up but I think I would feel better snacking (knowing it’ll probably happen anyway) than not having anything in my stomach at all. We’ll see.. if not.. Scott will need snacks anyway, plus after delivery. I have a feeling I will not touch one bite of hospital food.. 

Comfy pj’s and clothes to come home in. I also have some fuzzy socks too.Pillow from home and a nursing pillow.Okay so it’s so hard to decide which outfit to have him come in, only because I have no idea what size he’ll actually be. I originally bought the elephant outfit but it seemed like it would be huge on him, (because I swore he was going to be 6 pounds out the door) Then I bought the airplane onsie because of that reason.. But now I think he’ll be somewhere in the middle so that’s where the monkey outfit comes in. I think that’s the best choice because it’s warm, but not hot like the elephant outfit. Decisions.. I know.. Oh plus a beanie, I read to bring one of those in case it’s chilly in the hospital over night.I just love this one though! Right now it’s actually hanging on his dresser in his room to add to the decor :)For the little mister, some necessities – burp cloths, diapers, socks, blankets. I know that I’ve read you shouldn’t give the newborns pacifiers for a month, but.. well.. we’ll just see about that.. that’s a “just in case” item.

And I think that about does it for my version of What’s in the Bag? I can read some of your minds saying, “she is crazy if she thinks she needs all of that!” And maybe I am, but I’m one of those that likes to be prepared for anything (I get that from my mama) I always carry extra things in my purse soo.. The way I see it is, it doesn’t hurt.. Maybe some day I’ll let you know what really ended up coming in handy.. It’s so crazy that it could be any day!!

Oh and ps.. if you think of anything that I missed that came in handy during your hospital stay for labor please, please let me know..


10 thoughts on “Grayson :: What’s in my Bag?

  1. I know this probably won’t go in your bag but absolutely take your own pillow and bedding for Scott! Hospitals are freezing and their pillows and blankets are terrible. Make sure the pillowcases aren’t white either so they don’t get mixed up. Everything you packed for yourself I used. Minus the breast pads. If you’re in the hospital less than 3 days you probably won’t need them but it wouldn’t hurt to take them.

    For Emery, all I used were his going home outfit, a hat, those hand cover things (he scratched himself almost immediately and they wouldn’t clip his nails, not sure why) and his blanket. They give you diapers, wet wipes and anything like that you might need. They don’t really spit up until your milk comes though. :) Good bag though! The snack definitely came in handy. I can’t wait for baby to get here!

    • Oh gosh I didn’t even think of bedding for Scott, how sad of me! I am going to go add that to the pile right now.. I figured they would give you diapers and all that stuff but I just like imagining his midget butt in those little diapers!! I can’t wait either!! Thanks Grace!

  2. I AM SOOO SOOOOO SOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR GRAYSON TO GET HERE!!! Seriously. SO EXCITED!! Don’t forget your custom made hospital gown!!

  3. Don’t forget your camera!! lol, I’m sure that’s on your list though. ;) I didn’t use A LOT of what I brought, but I’m a “just in case” kind of person too. I didn’t need the nursing pads until days later, and didn’t need burp cloths until weeks later. I don’t see iPod + speakers on your list….we made a playlist and I was so glad we did. It really set the mood and helped me through the contractions. Every mommy is different though, so it probably isn’t a must for you. I’m SO SO excited for you and Scott!! Best day besides wedding day!

    • I have since added my camera Ebony! I wasn’t sure if I was going to bring it because obviously Scott will be right with me and I wasn’t sure how the 2 moms in the room would do with taking pictures (no offense mom) but it’s better to chance it than have nothing at all.. Thanks Ebony, I can’t wait for him to get here!

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