Grayson :: His Nursery

Before I get into all the details of Gray’s nursery I thought I’d also give a little update that I got from the doctor yesterday. I am now dilated to about a 2 and 75% effaced! I’ve also been having stronger contractions. She asked me if I wanted to wait until 41 weeks or be induced earlier.. wait to 41 weeks, nothankyou! Scott has to do some training for his work on Monday during the day, plus my favorite number has always been 22 so I thought it would be perfect to start being induced Monday night (the 21st) knowing I’d probably end up having him the next day. All this happening of course only if I don’t go into labor on my own this weekend. When I left the doctor’s office I was so excited, I can’t believe my time is really here. I feel like I’ve waited forever for this. Since leaving her office and settling down, I do get bouts of anxious thoughts but then I think there is no sense in not trusting the Lord with my labor after all we’ve been through to get to this point. So if you have those candles from either of my showers, get them ready! It’s also fun to keep looking at the baby pool we made to see who might end up winning. There are a lot of people thinking it will be today, and that’s what so crazy to me, it totally could be! Anyway, enough blubbering and onto the nursery. I’m really excited to share it because I love with the way it turned out. Plus I’m excited for my brother (who is Hungary) gets to see what it looks like. Miss you J.D! Oh yeah, I said I was done blubbering…

Now I know that I am bombarding my blog lately with posts all about Grayson but… well.. in a very short while he is going to consume my life so why not get a head start talking about him all the time already :) Before we started working on his nursery I was so excited, I had all these ideas and envisioned it perfectly. But as I went, it actually became more and more overwhelming as it got closer and closer to be completed. I am a person who always knows exactly what I want, when I want it and how I want it. Ask anyone. But when it’s came to his nursery, I can hardly decide a darn thing and it’s driving me crazy. SO I have before and after pictures, but the after isn’t even quite finished.

So here are a few “before” pictures, for the longest time this room has been a storage for all of my photography props. Then after my first baby shower; a storage for my props plus all of the stuff I got! It was a little crazy in there..The walls before we painted.This is probably a better photo to show the true color only because of lighting. I do have to mention that Scott was going to paint the night before and started but the grey we picked out originally we just didn’t really like, it was too light. So he went back and got it a shade darker.I didn’t take any pictures with my camera of Scott putting together the furniture, silly me but here’s one from Instagram I took. He literally got the room painted and the furniture put together all in one Saturday!Now for the details of the finished room.. or (almost) finished room.. His dresser with a few of my favorite things on it. One of the elephants I bought long before Grayson was even a little bean in my belly. I’d known I wanted to have elephants as part of our nursery whether our baby was a boy or girl and I saw these guys and could not pass them up!The big guys other friends on the changing table.Here is his crib, please Lord let him like to sleep in it. Actually that might be kind of hard because I have NO bedding! I’ve never been so indecisive as I have been when it comes this little boy and his things. I found bedding months and months and months ago but when I saved up enough money to get it, I second guessed it was good enough. And kept second guessing it, and when I finally went to order it. Guess what, it was backordered until May 20th.. So I didn’t order it.. Then I decided again to just go with it, now it’s backordered until July! Apparently Navy Blue is the new boy color to have.. I just need to order it and be done, he will be in his bassinet for a couple of months anyway so it doesn’t matter. But we will see.. This is a handmade blanket I received at my last shower.His name painted on the wall, another something that took me forever to decide on! It’s hard for a boy because I don’t really think any type of block lettering goes, and cursive is too girly. Back and forth I went. My sister-in-law Kristy is the one who was going to paint it for me and she finally just nudged me to do it and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Oh and his banner, I LOVE it! My mom and I made it (I cut, she did the sewing) So I guess she pretty much made it. But I picked the cute material!!You might remember here when I posted about my first baby shower and the invites and the goodies they included inside. The library book idea, well here is the result of that from two of my showers. I’m so so happy with all of the books and this bookshelf we found. (I wish I could fit the whole shelf into one picture but I can’t back up far enough, dang tiny rooms)I’ve been wanting to get a piggy bank since I knew Grayson would be a “he” but could never find one that was an elephant or even one that I liked. I had just settled on making my own out of a mason jar when this magically appeared in one of the gifts I got at my last shower. So cute! I promised G that I would give him a dime for every photo I take of him. I figured it would come in handy to bribe him (although once he learns the value of a dime he’ll probably make me up his cost! ha!) I’m thinking the way I take pictures, he’ll be rich by age 7.I love this print my friend Sam designed. It was originally used at a Noah’s Ark themed baby shower but I knew all along I would keep it for his room. I just loved the invitation Sam made and asked her to modify it for this print. And last but not least, my rocking chair. There was a lot of debate over me having a rocking chair.. I really, really wanted one and was willing to spend the $200 it costs in the store. But when it came down to it I really didn’t want to. So I ended up finding this one at a garage sale! I had the stool and my mom just covered it with a little padding and some fabric. It’s super comfy and I’ve used it already a few times just to sit in his room and day dream about him. The only other thing that’s going to go in here but it’s not done yet is his mobile. My mom is working on it but it wasn’t finished in time for me to include.. As you can see from everything in here, I’ve had so much help with it all. I am so very blessed to have family and friends who love our little family so much they’d do anything to help us with his room. I love, love everything about it! Now I just need him!

Just in case anyone is curious, I’ll list where I got everything (It’s always helpful to me when I like something on someone else’s blog) Although a lot of our stuff was handmade so maybe it won’t help :)

  • Furniture Set: Babies-R-Us
  • Blue Cordoroy Elephant & Metal ‘G’: Anthropology
  • White Picture Frames: IKEA & Michael’s
  • Blue Picture Frames: Hobby Lobby
  • Wood Elephant: Handmade by the Chapin Duo
  • Grey Elephant Stuffed Animals & Wall Mounted Bookshelf: IKEA
  • Bunting Banner: Handmade by my mama and I
  • Grayson’s name: Painted by my sister-in-law Kristy
  • Rocker & Ottoman: Garage sale and then re-covered by my mama
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of his room, and I hope my pictures did the justice of just how cute it is. 

6 thoughts on “Grayson :: His Nursery

  1. The day I saw his nursery for the first time made this all so much more real! And I love all the details you’ve added since! He is going to be so very loved and totally worth the wait!

  2. His room looks so cute and color coordinated. He us going to love it! Today is due day, correct? Let us all know when the delivery clock starts ticking, so we can all light our candles and start praying for the three of you? God bless you and I am praying the event will happen soon-like today!!

  3. We are so excited for you both and i will be praying along with everyone for a safe and short arrival of baby Grayson! The 22nd of May is Cameron’s 18th Birthday and I remember his birth like it was yesterday! He has been such a joy and a blessing to our lives and it would be an honor to share Cameron’s birthday with Grayson!!!

  4. Very cute…it looks great ( : He is going to be one very lucky little guy. Can’t wait to meet him. Sounds like he’ll be here very soon, but I guess I guessed wrong.

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