Lessons learned: A little guest post rambling.

When I wanted to have a few guest posts done during my little “maternity leave” I immediately thought of Grace, she has a blog as well and I always love reading her posts. (ps. she is married to my little brother so it helps that I love what she posts about mostly, my brother and my nephew) Read what she has to say about her experience in being a new mommy.

When Jessica asked me to guest post for when little Grayson was born I was excited and immediately knew I was going to talk about parenting. It just fits! I’m a new mama and it was only six months ago that we welcomed our little bear into the world! What’s that? You want to see a picture? Okay, if you insist. This is me, my husband and little Emery:

Since becoming a mom I have realized a lot of things that I never would have know otherwise. So, this post is a list of things I’ve learned since becoming a mom! These are just some of my personal revelations…

  • I am by no means an expert at being a parent. In fact, I’ve learned that there is nothing like having a baby to make you feel like you don’t know anything. I would probably add to that list that parenting makes you realize that you can’t control anything! As much as you want to have all of the answers and be able to control what, and how things happen to your child you just can’t do it. It’s absolutely forced my husband and I to rely more heavily on God than we ever have before.
  • You CAN run on 3 hours of sleep for 2 months straight and live to tell about it. :)
  • Money isn’t everything and having all of the new, shiny toys or the “perfect” nursery for your little baby isn’t the important part of becoming a mom. Most of the things that we think are necessities these days are really luxuries. My husband was unemployed for 5 months through my pregnancy and the beginning of my sons life. I learned this one really fast.
  • As much as you think you can do everything, you can’t! Apparently, I am an overachiever and I had big plans of taking care of an infant by myself, finishing school without any problems, having a spotless house, always look nice and have dinner on the table by the time my husband got home everyday. I can hear you all laughing now. ;) The good news is I have now learned to relax and chill out in order to enjoy being a mom. If I get any two of those things done at the end of the day I feel accomplished.
  • Do not let stress and worry get in the way of enjoying your new baby!!!!!!! (By the amount of exclamation points I just used you should know how big of a deal this one is. I don’t take exclamation points lightly. ;) )
  • Embarrassment and bodily fluids are just part of the package deal. You might as well come to terms with it now.
  • You know that nice old lady that gives you advice nonstop simply because she is older? And that lady who has been a mom for all of 3 weeks and thinks she knows everything? Listen to their advice with a smile and a nod and then MOVE ON. I am sure they mean well but families are different and what’s right for their family may not be right for yours. Don’t let anything they say get to you. Unsolicited advice can be the most irritating thing sometimes so keep remembering the smile and nod part! Parenting is different for everyone and politeness is key.
  • Dodging stranger’s dirty hands when they try to touch your baby can get tiring. It seems like everyone has forgotten the kindergarten rule of keeping their hands to themselves.
  • Most importantly, I have learned that having a sweet little baby teaches you so much about the awesome power and grace of our God. He worked a miracle for you to become a mom and He continues to work miracles every day that you are a mom. I’ve learned to truly rest in his presence and rely on him for wisdom and guidance. Nothing else will do. A little side note: prayer is vitally important and truly your lifeline.
  • Take a deep breath, look at your little miracle and know that you’re doing it right! You’re a great mom! And if that little baby could talk they would tell you the same thing.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll spare y’all anymore rambling from me. Like I said, every family is different, this is just the story of mine. :)

You are loved!



2 thoughts on “Lessons learned: A little guest post rambling.

  1. Anyone who knows me, also knows that It’s always nice to know that another mom doesn’t consider herself the perfect mom. Even after four I don’t have all the right answers & constantly feel like other moms are judging me (some in fact are) I never had a nursery for any of my kids & it often makes me sad when I see other moms planning there’s. I never thought of it as a luxury, just something I couldn’t afford. Thanks for cheering me up Grace. There are no “Perfect Moms” each of us does what we feel works best for our kids.

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