Guest Blog: Pedestal DIY by Sam

Hi there! Since Jessica is basking in the glory of motherhood, I am here to keep you entertained with a little DIY post. I am certainly not a crafty woman, not like Jessica, but this little project is so simple. To make yourself your very own pedestal you just need a decorative plate, a candlestick holder, and a glue gun… and some other jars or cups, but those are optional.The pedestal can be used as decoration, to hold jewelry or bath products, or even food like cupcakes!

All of my supplies: the plate, candlestick holder, and cups; are from Pier 1.

I used this tutorial from Lauren at L & Co to make the pedestal.

All you have to do is center the candlestick on the plate and mark it with a pencil or pen.

Then, using a hot glue gun, glue the candlestick to the bottom of the plate.

And that’s it. Told you it was easy!

You can then add little cups or even a base plate if you want!

I’ve made two of these so far, one for my sister’s birthday and the other for my grandma on Mother’s Day. But now I really want one for myself!

Here’s a few photos of how you can use your pedestal… all images were found on Pinterest. Click the image for the source link.

Thanks for reading! If you take on this DIY, please comment with a link to a photo of your own pedestal!

Thanks Sam for the adorable DIY and for taking the time to blog for me while I hang out with my little love. If you want to follow Sam’s blog, head on over here.

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