{Life, Look At You Go!}

Another good friend of mine who’s blog I always love to read, Kathleen is my guest blogger today. She is one of my dearest friends and has listed some of the wonderful things going on in the lives of our friends these days. Thank you for the kind words Kathleen, my little family is so blessed.

Where do I even begin?! Our group of friends have so much going on! It’s crazy, weird, amazing, and any other adjectives meaning the same. I’ve been trying to think of something really cool for this post, something innovative, but all I really want to talk about is how blessed and incredibly fortunate my group of friends are.

Most pertinent thing being that Jessica is having a beautiful baby boy. Despite the so called “downfalls” of being pregnant, things like morning sickness, physical and emotional changes, and the finale of labor, she’s pregnant! The Williams’ are soon to be a trio! (Shoot, by the time this draft actually becomes a post, they may already be!) The sheer thought of the Williams’ addition makes me want to cry; it makes me thank our God for how he has blessed Jessica and Scott. It makes me think of the hardships they’ve endured previously with being pregnant and then not being pregnant. The fact that Jessica is literally days away from having Grayson, makes me sigh a huge breath of relief because this is the moment that so many of us have been waiting for. I can’t wait to hold you Grayson. Soon and very soon!

{Mini Update :: Grayson is here! I’m so excited!}

Secondly, my beautiful cousin is engaged! Kellen and Lauren have so much love for one another. It’s wonderful! I adore the surety in their relationship, the comfort. They’re truly are meant for one another and it’s evident to everyone. I love you guys and cannot wait for October!

Thirdly, I’m moving to Bakersfield! This is for a number of reasons. I finally get to be closer to my man (and by closer I mean way less than three and a half hours). I will be able to complete my degree in English and I’ll be living on my own in a sense. I am beyond excited for the changes coming my way.

I understand these life adjustments have been noted and discussed amongst us for awhile now, but it’s all coming so fast. I wanted to take a small moment to think upon them all and truly be grateful! SO I guess this was that moment ; ) Feel free to do the same!

** Also, I’ve been diligently working (when I have a free minute of course) on a post of my birth story.. Who knows if anyone even wants to read it, but it’s also more for me. You know, because that’s what I do. I hope to have that up Thursday morning. xoxo j.


One thought on “{Life, Look At You Go!}

  1. I seriously got chills sharing this excitement right now!! Grayson truly has been a gift long waited for… the Wagoner-Quaas wedding is going to be the biggest extravaganza this decade… and well I am not excited about the move to Bakersfield selfishly but I am so excited to see how God will use you when you get there! Love you Kat!

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