My Newborn Baby :: Grayson Scott

If you would have told me this time last year that I’d have a newborn by June I wouldn’t have believed you. In my worst of times I doubted I’d ever have a baby to call my own. But now, with much prayer and faith we have been blessed with the most precious baby boy I’ve ever seen. There are days where I believe this little mister to be absolutely perfect, then there are others well… he’s a baby, and doesn’t want to sleep and just wants to fuss.. But you know what, that is my baby not sleeping and fussing so I’ll take it!

I made two attempts to take these photos! Go figure my son would be the most difficult newborn model I’ve ever had. The first time I tried I think he was 5 days old (the time when they are suppose to pretty much sleep through anything!) he didn’t want to sleep much. I wasn’t really happy with them, so two days later it was just him and I home and I tried again. For the second time, he would not go to sleep for anything.. I was bouncing him, singing and playing music to him, nada. If I held him he would sleep, if I nursed him he would sleep but as soon as I set him down what do you know he would wake right up! Little punk butt! So that is why most of these photos are of him awake. But that’s okay, I love them the same. I mentioned in a previous post that every time I take a photo of him I owe him a dime in his piggy bank, well photo shoots are a straight $5 bucks! Although it’s bad because I haven’t been keeping track of all the little iPhone pictures I take of him all the time. I just need to throw like $10 in that bank and I think we’ll be good.. Until tomorrow of course.

Anyway, enough of the mommy ramblings.. here are my favorites from what proved to be the hardest session ever.. (it’s funny how just two days makes a difference and he looks different to me the second day) The first two are the only ones I loved from the first day.Oh my goodness this photo wasn’t included in my original post from yesterday! It’s one of my favorites!I love his toesAnd his nose and lips.. okay I just love everything about himProof he was tired, he was just being a stubborn boy..My precious boyLove, love his face in this one!I love these first photos. I love my son with my whole heart. The End.


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