Menifee Newborn Photography :: Caleb Richardson

I feel like I’ve been waiting in anticipation to take these photos almost as long as Stef has been wanting them.. Okay, maybe not quite as much :) But I’ve been so excited for these for what feels like forever. I still get the chills when I think that this is Stefanie’s son. For those of you who know Stef, you know how long she has wanted this and what a tough road it has been to get here. But they’re here, Caleb’s here. And I know that her and Chris couldn’t want anything more. (well maybe for Caleb to sleep through the night but hey we won’t be greedy!) We as her friends who love them are so so very excited to meet Caleb and be a part of their lives and they go through this next chapter. I don’t know what it is about the lips and nose.. especially when they’re squished.. I just love themUmm my favorite of course! I love that we captured this little smileCaleb’s room is decorated with sock monkey, so these are only appropriate.Love!So adorable, first photo with big brother..Stef, I love your little boy and cannot wait for many, many play dates.. It’s already so fun watching our misters change and grow. xoxo j.

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