Menifee Child Photography :: Owen 11 weeks

My last session I posted here was two sisters, up today are two brothers. Brothers who are very dear to my heart. Elijah and Owen, these photos were to capture little Owen before he gets any bigger. He’s already grown so much in just 11 short weeks, Owen is five weeks older than Grayson and we put those two together as often as we can because they are going to be the best of buddies! Here’s our proof! Every time we put them together Owen is just so sweet to my little Grayson. Grayson is still working on the whole eye contact thing, he looks and recognizes me already but other people he doesn’t seem to see. But not Owen, he’s got that down. He sees Grayson and a second later he is smiling at him. I love it!!! But enough dragging my kid into the conversation, here are the absolutely adorable, positively precious (you get the point) photos of little Owen and his big brother Eli. 

Umm hello most perfect brother picture ever!!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot, Sam made this video of Eli’s 4th birthday party at the beach. It’s just dear to my heart so I had to share, he’s not even my son but I shed a few tears watching it. (you have to watch it on the computer rather than your phone, silly YouTube security settings)


3 thoughts on “Menifee Child Photography :: Owen 11 weeks

  1. Oh my gosh, I am literally crying, tears rolling down my face. These pictures are so beyond amazing. I love them so much! You did an AH-MAZING job Jess!

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