Videos of my little Bug

Only because I’m that mom, you know the one who is obsessed with their child and thinks he can do no wrong and looks cute at every second of the day.. Yes sadly that is me. Only because that is me I thought I would post a few videos I’ve taken in the short eight weeks Grayson has been born. I just love all of them. Well minus me blabbing throughout the whole thing, too bad I couldn’t mute just me..

This first one is when he was brand new.. and I love it because he was already smiling. Those were pretty much his first smiles, he looks so little there.. But looking back and seeing this he doesn’t look that much different to me. In pictures from back then he does, but in actual video he doesn’t to me. I love how alert he’s always been when he’s awake.

My next video is from a little over a week ago, so he was about six and a half weeks old. This was the first time he actually enjoyed his little floor gym. Also the first time he kicked his legs in excitement, I thought that was so cute. His diaper looks SO big, but he’s sort of in between right now. Too big for newborns but his booty is still too small for the ones. O’well.. I had put him in his little gym before but he wasn’t interested and would just fuss. But not this time! He loved it! And he’s loved it ever since. Oh gosh I just watched it again, I’m so annoying!

And lastly this video was just a couple of days ago, so basically eight weeks old. This one is probably my favorite, he just smiles so much and is smiling at me and for me. Again, feel free to mute it, but then again if you mute it you won’t hear the nice little surprise he lets out for me.

Thanks for stopping by and wanting to see little videos of my precious mister.


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