Diaper Clutch DIY

So in my post here I talked about all of the Pinterest projects I wanted to do, and this is the first one I am going to do off that list. A fabulous Diaper Clutch! I’ve had this debate going on in my head pretty much from two months before I had Grayson and it is still going regarding my diaper bag. I’ve debated between the one I was originally going to get (this one) and the one I actually got (this one) The one I have is huge and I do love it, I’m a “big bag” kind of girl, I always have been. I don’t mind how big it is but it feels like it completely weighs down my stroller! When I’m running errands it’s the worse because I have to get out the stroller plus the bag, it’s sort of ridiculous. I ordered this bag from Nordstrom (birthday gift cards yay!) so I know that I could exchange it with no problems as they take absolutely everything back no questions. But then I feel like the other one will be too small.. Because when I pack.. I pack.. I am pretty much prepared for a national disaster.

So why am I rambling on about silly diaper bags? This DIY. A diaper clutch. This is my solution for now. Keep my huge bag but have this diaper clutch in there to take out for errands, or church. Something that will hold the essentials I need (I’m hoping I can get my wallet in there as well) but I will still have my bigger bag in the car should that disaster happen. What do you think? Smart right. (we’ll see how smart it is after I start using it!)

I definitely want to give credit to the original creator of this adorable clutch, I even ordered the fabric from online where she suggested and I already love it! Go on over and check out her blog, I just found her but she shows how to do lots of fun projects all the time, it’s lovely. Her site is see kate sew, such a cute name too! But for now, here’s my attempt at her diaper clutch.

Okay so the first thing I always do before I sew anything is was the fabric! If you don’t and you try to wash it later, chances are one piece will shrink while the other stays the same and then you have this demented thing. (I know from experience because one time my mom made me this beautiful skirt but forgot to wash the fabric.. yeah the inside became longer than the outside and it was no bueno after that) anyway, oh and let me also share where I ordered the fabric from. It was Fabric.com and this is the Chevron fabric I’m using and here is the Muslin Cotton I used. Oh also, click on this link to download the template she created for the Clutch Pattern (I’m new at the whole including a download so if it doesn’t work email me and I’ll send it over!) Also, you might want to iron it all after you wash it, sometimes washing it makes it all wrinkled. Okay, anyway. Onto the actual project.

Ingredients are: 1/2 yard of a thicker fabric, 1/2 yard muslin cotton for the lining, velcro and a big button.

You’ll want to cut out the pattern, you can either cut 2 and tape them together or do what I did and just fold the fabric. Add 14.5 inches to the bottom of your pattern. When you have finished cutting them, you’ll need (1) piece of your top fabric and (2) of the muslin cotton. **Suggestion from my experience, when you cut the first piece fold the bottom part up just to make sure the edges match first and then cut the other two. I had it all sewn and everything and it didn’t match up so I had to start all over!Next you’ll lay down the Chevron face up and put the (2) pieces of cotton down on top. Pin it, then sew it all the way around leaving about a 3″-4″ opening on the bottom of one of the sides. (The black arrow is where I will leave my opening) Then trim the edges.(I always leave the edge where the opening is a little longer so that it’s easier for me to sew once I turn it inside out. But that’s just me because I’m not the great at sewing)
Turn it right side out and iron. The two pins are where the opening is that I folded in and ironed it. (After going to the next step I found I didn’t need to pin the opening)Fold up the bottom 6.5″ and pin in place. I also ran the iron over it too just because, then sew up both of the sides. **I had to switch sewing needles on  my machine to a heavy duty needle for this since it’s pretty thick.The right side turned out better. I’m really happy with how this is turning out, the only thing that bums me out is the lines in the fabric. I washed and ironed it a bunch of times but that line is still there. Hopefully within time and wear they will go away (it bugs the perfectionist in me) I didn’t even notice until it was sewn together, I’m a dweeb.Okay so now for the button and velcro (I already know this will be my least favorite part) but Kate suggests filling the bag first so you know where you want the placement of them. My finished product.. Yes I was right, the button was going to be the death of me. I might end up re-doing it or better yet having my mama re-do it! But I am really happy with how it turned out and I love that fabric! (Minus those cursed lines down the middle!) That was fun!Here’s my next project! Stay tuned! 

Then next I want to color them!

So fun! xoxo j.


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