DIY :: Onsie for my Only

I don’t know what it is lately but all I’ve wanted to do is craft.. It’s probably because photography hasn’t picked up yet for the summer so when my bug is sleeping I can’t just sit around. I know I should be napping but it’s just not me, can’t do it. So here is another DIY project for you today. A fabric applique onsie, you can find tutorials all over but this is the one I looked at first for some help. I also want to try dying them too, we’ll see if I get to that in this post too.

Alright so the Ingredients you need are: a onsie (that’s a given), some sort of iron-on bonding (I got lucky and went shopping in the store of mom and she had some), fabric, the design you want to use and a sewing machine and thread if you choose to also sew the applique after you are finished.

So I decided I wanted to make Grayson a little photographer assistant onsie with my camera logo on it. So the first thing I did was measure the onsie and see how big the camera should be. I think if you want to be even more precise you should measure your kid in their onsie but mine was sleeping so this will do. Then I made a stencil out of card stock of the camera. Then I pinned my stencil to fabric and cut it out. After re-thinking the camera I decided to leave off the heart, even though it is my logo he is a boy. Boys don’t wear hearts on their clothes.Next I organized my pieces how I wanted them to look..Then I cut the bonding to the size of the little pieces behind and the lens in the front, and ironed them. Next I measured on the onsie where the camera should go and ironed that puppy on there.Lastly I just sewed around the edge of the camera and the lens and that’s it! The first one of anything I do is always a work in progress but it’s going to get spit up and drooled on so I’m good with it.I love my little munchkin’s double chinI also made these little matching onsies for Grayson and his best buddy Owen.
I did end up dying some onesie’s as well but haven’t sewn anything on them. I did a couple red because I love Grayson in red but… yeah they turned out more like a salmon color instead so that will just have to be a baby shower gift for someone having a little girl.

Until next time… xoxo j.


2 thoughts on “DIY :: Onsie for my Only

  1. Goodness you are so crafty!! I love the way you recreated your logo in the seperate pieces and I CAN NOT WAIT to see the new besties wearing their matching formal wear!

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