J. Rose Photography :: Christmas models

It’s ready, it’s ready!! My Christmas promotion is ready! So you might remember this post when I was asking for models for my Christmas flyer. I was overwhelmed by responses and was so excited to start shooting. It always amazes me when I reach out to total strangers whether it is through Fiesta Days or Facebook but the people I meet are always awesome. They are always so sweet and I connect to them instantly, this time was no different. I had quite a few cancellations the day of but the few I did meet with were great! Without further adieu please take a look at the flyer Sam designed. Oh wait one more adieu, of course since I now have my very own model I had to test the shot on him and loved it! (bottom right corner)This is the very first time I’ve offered something as cool as a 11×14 canvas print with my Christmas promotion! It is of course with a minimum of $125 print order (which is usually not a problem and you get a ton of prints!) I hope that everyone else thinks this is a cool as I do!

Then of course I couldn’t not add some of my other favorites from that day to the post. There were so many cute ones it was hard to pick just one for the flyer. Here are my other favorites, this first little princess is Alyssa.

This spunky little blondie is KayleeThen we went outside for the family shoot. I love every single one of these, and I LOVE how the JOY photo came out. I couldn’t have pictured it any cuter in my mind. Oh but first, take a look at this stud. This was literally 60 seconds after he stepped out of the car, what a ham! I know you saw this one on the flyer but I had to post it again because it is my most favorite. Meet the Nitti family.So sweetI’m so happy with the way all of these turned out, and so thankful to have met all of you!

**Just a warning I’m sure you will see this flyer flashed before your Facebook viewing eyes quite a few times to remind you Christmas is coming closer and closer. Please, please (especially if you are a friend of mine!) share this flyer, I would love you even more than I already do! xoxo j.

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