3 Months old :: Grayson Scott

Since I posted this on Monday, let me tell you.. a world of different in our baby boy. He has slept just about every nap all the way through with hardly a peep from him. It’s been awesome! Month 4 be good to us! Next step is a full eight hours of sleep and I would be jumping for joy (literally because I’d have the energy!) The most this week was about 6 1/2, which I’ll take over the every three hours it had been the past three weeks! But I can’t wait until it’s the entire night. So I started taking vitamins to help with my low milk supply + drinking tons of water and let me tell you a WORLD.OF.DIFFERENCE. Why didn’t anyone tell me about these vitamins just one time in the last three months that I’ve whined about low milk supply!? O’well, now I know. Anyway, I took these about two weeks ago now (when he turned three months) but between throwing a baby shower, planning a bridal shower plus having Grayson I just haven’t been able to get them up. Oh plus I love like a million so it took me a while.. Consider this your warning, I am about to post too many a ton of photos of my little bug. But it’s okay because it’s my blog.. so there. The hat.. oh the hat. I just can’t help myself, I put it on him any chance I can. It will only fit him for so long! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen this hat a few times already. Scott told me I’m wearing it out, but in 20 years when I look at all of my photos, I won’t remember that I put the hat on him too much. (I promise I did not put his hands like that, he did that all on his own! haha!)
One of my favorites. I love his serious look almost as much as I love his smileSo many of him in the hat but I loved every single expression so I had to post them all!This next one he looks a little bit like his cousin Emery to me..I love me some baby fingers and toes. I’m going to be making Grayson an alphabet like this one I found on Pinterest forever ago and this next one is going to be E for Elephant.. So funnyI love everything about this baby boy.. 10 bald spots and all. Every day I realize God’s grace in this precious gift he gave us. His million different expressions and his soft giggles, his relaxed demeanor and sweet smiles. I just love all of him.

So question.. Which one should go in his room??

This morning Grayson’s little buddy Caleb is coming for his three month photos, can’t wait to share!! Have a great labor day! xoxo j.


6 thoughts on “3 Months old :: Grayson Scott

  1. He truly is a perfect model. I think #7886, one of the first black and white ones is my favorite but with so many great ones it’s hard to decide!! He has so many expressions, and each so adorable!! Love him!

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