DIY :: Simple burp cloth

This is going to be the easiest tutorial like in the history of tutorials..The fabric can be any type I’m sure, you can use a terry cloth fabric/towel even. I used a normal cotton fabric for the top and an organic terry cotton. It’s what I use when I make bibs and I love it! It’s nice and thick, absorbs all the drool very nicely. (Don’t forget to prewash your fabric) You can cut the fabric any size you’d like. Mine is 16″x18″ but it’ll get smaller with the seam **Side note after I finished the burp cloth, I definitely could have made it thinner, maybe 12×18 instead. But hey considering what it’s used for guess it can never be too big.**

First your going to want to cut your fabric and place them right side in. (I always iron mine too, I don’t know maybe it’s OCD)(Sure doesn’t look ironed!) Then pin it, and sew all the way around leaving an opening on any side about 4-5 inches. After you sew it, trim the edges. Then turn it inside-out and sew all the way around it, closing up the opening. And that’s it! Easiest ever right!?Grayson already has the bib to match but wouldn’t that be a super cute baby shower gift if you made a few!?
The tutorial I used to make the bib is here if your interested. Let me know if you try either of these and how they turn out! xoxo j.


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