Hello Monday :: First Hellos

It’s crazy the things that Pinterest opens (at least for me) up for people. You can get lost in the web after just one click. That’s how I found Ashley’s blog a couple weeks ago, from a hair tutorial! I haven’t looked back since. She’s real, and honest with her feelings. If you’ve read my blog even just a few times I’m sure you can tell that’s who I am too. As a “blog reader” I tend to gravitate towards people that make you feel what they feel. Ashley’s good at that. On Mondays she does something called Hello Monday. A lot of times Monday’s are yucky for people so it’s a perfect way to remember quick little highlights from the weekend.

Hello warm summer nights
Hello to fun projects and bridal shower to-do lists Hello to baby sleeping nine hours straight!
Hello size 2 diapers
Hello to checking soccer scores, talking about soccer and watching it at the same time Hello to bills being hard to pay this month
Hello Lord who is bigger than bills
Hello to a hair tie around my wrist being my latest accessory
Hello broken sunglasses and being blind outside
Hello cuddle time with my bug
Hello bare bottoms and loving itHello to starting a new bible class
Hello toys in every corner of every room
Hello Monday.

Well how did I do? This was fun. I usually take pictures with my iPhone since it is so easy to do but this encouraged me to have my actual camera handy which is something I’ve been wanting to do. Hopefully next week I’ll have more pictures. Do you want to join us? If you start, put a link in my comments so I can read your Hello Monday posts. Have a great day! xxoo j.


2 thoughts on “Hello Monday :: First Hellos

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