Our beach day

I keep reading these blogs that are talking all about fall beginning… Where do they live!? Not California apparently, fall may “technically” start this weekend but it’s no where in sight for us in So Cal! I bet we still have two months of warm weather, at least. I do love the hot weather normally, although this is the first time in my adult life I’m actually looking forward to the colder weather. For two reasons, 1. I get to cover up some of the baby chub I still need to get rid of with pants and sweaters and 2. Grayson adds like 98.7 degrees to me. I never imagined having a baby would make you so HOT all the time!

Last weekend Scott’s mom called us and asked us to go to Huntington Beach for his younger brother’s birthday. I was up for going I just wish that I was missing my good friends annual “hotluck” (not that I would have eaten anything, I am such a ‘white girl‘ when it comes to food) but I really wanted to go since I have never been. But a entire family beach trip trumps the hotluck I suppose. It’s hard to get everyone together because of all of the boys’ work schedules. They typically all work different shifts so the fact everyone would be there is somewhat rare. As we were driving down there, birthday boy in tow I was getting excited. I had my camera with me (which I’ve been trying more and more lately to do. I’m so used to just using my phone) anyway, it was great weather and had my two favorite guys with me. I was giddy almost. We even pulled a Chinese fire drill at the stop light getting off the freeway so Scott could use the internet to do work stuff while I drove. (sad thing when that’s exciting to me!) I think I’ve been cooped up too much in the house lately because I felt like this was a mini-vacation! I enjoyed myself so much, not because it was oh-so-much-fun but it was relaxing. Grayson was great, and everyone just hung out. We made hotdogs and roasted marshmallows over the fire pit, got caught up on our lives, and took a moment to take a breath.. It was great.

Now, take a look at my mini-vacation in pictures. Toes in the wet sandHe didn’t like it too muchI have no idea how Jaxon could stand the water, I thought it was so cold!I love his little outfit, I put that on him any chance I can. Same with the hat. I’ve always imagined putting hair bows in my daughter’s hair, this is as much as I can accessorize with a boy so I take advantage.My boysPlaying in the sandUncle Ryan supervising The Williams men have a very distinctive big toe. They do get a bit smaller as the generation continues, but Grayson totally has his daddy and grandpa’s toe. It’s cracks me up!Just chattin with Nana WilliamsI know I know, can this be any cuter!? Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kathy.. Pretty much every time I see them I am working on getting them to have their own babies! When I was pregnant I tasted for the first time an apple off of Ryan and Kathy’s apple tree. And I loved it!! It was the end of the season so I literally got like two and then have craved them ever since. Kathy brought me this present (with as crazy sensitive as I’ve been I’m really surprised I didn’t cry at her kind gesture) but it was just as delicious as I remember.{Warning, Grayson overload coming your way}
Listening to the ocean waves knocked this little one out. If you read Hello Monday this week then you’ve seen this picture but it’s so precious it needed to posted again.Our very own Huntington Beach Bad Boy aka nerd(s) aka one of the sweetest young men I know. The birthday boy. (he couldn’t be a “bad boy” if he tried)Our beach picture. Is it a perfect picture? No. Scott’s eyes are almost closed, Grayson has drool on his face and I lost count of my chins. But I’m working on not worrying so much about that type stuff and just capturing the memories instead. When I look back at these one day, I’m not going to care how I looked, but that we were there. Zagone family. (I’m so bummed but I didn’t get a picture of Ryan and Kathy!)
Me and my Bug.
That is my peanut… my peanut. I stare at that picture above and I still can hardly believe it. My eyes well up with tears and my heart overflows. Overflows with love I never knew I could feel. Being a mother is so beyond what I ever imagined it would be. If you knew what you’re missing by waiting to have a baby, you wouldn’t. You would.not.wait.
The Lord has truly blessed me with an amazing man who loves Jesus and a son more perfect than my wildest dreams. We have the best family and friends anyone could ever ask for.

When I think about stressing over the struggles of our finances or anything that fades away I feel foolish. All that matters in this world is spreading the word of God and loving unconditionally the people in your life. I so need to be better at both of these things.

I’ll end now because this post has already gone on waaay to long. Thank you so much for reading.


One thought on “Our beach day

  1. Seeing these make it that much more obvious that that’s where you were supposed to be that day! I was already getting misty eyed looking at the photos but then what you wrote… well happy tears are a great way to start the day!! Love you!

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