What’s for dinner :: Mozzarella Bites

Since I’ve been doing these recipe posts the last few weeks, I’ll take a photo of the finished product and post it first buuuuut this time.. Probably shouldn’t or else you might stop reading before you even start. Let’s just say, they didn’t turn out exactly how I’d hoped but I’ll go on anyway because I took the time to take the pictures! Plus maybe someone has made them before and can hook a sister up with a better idea. Ingredients are: milk, breadcrumbs, and string cheeseCut up the string cheese into little pieces. Dip them into the milk, then breadcrumbs.I decided to try two different breadcrumb types, those Panko breadcrumbs I keep hearing about and the normal Italian breadcrumbs (I forgot the brand but they come in that blue can) I baked them for about 6 minutes at 400 degrees. The Panko ones tasted better but looked worse.. The Italian ones kind of reminded me like I was eating cheese covered in sand. No thank you. O’well, you live and learn right. If anyone has made these and has some pointers. Feel free to let me know in the comments. These were so easy to make I really wish they tasted better :)

My next snack is going to be baked zucchini in these Panko breadcrumbs, let’s cross our fingers they taste better! Love to you all xo j.

**EDIT I forgot to add that after you cut up the string cheese you’ll want to stick them in the freezer! I stuck them in there for like 5 minutes but that wasn’t enough. My sister-in-law kindly informed me to freeze them all the way and then they won’t completely melt like mine did!


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