I don’t know what I’d do withouts…

So in pretty much turning this blog into nothing short of baby-obsessed, I thought I’d come up with a list of the things that I’ve used for these first few months of Grayson’s life that I would not want to do without. (click on the photo for a link where you can get it) Now these are just my recommendations only, I’m not sponsored by any of these products or anything (that would be kinda cool if I was!) but they are just things that I’ve pretty much used on a daily basis.

The very first thing that I love and used every day, all day long is his bouncer. The best part about this baby is I didn’t even have to buy it! My sister-in-law loaned it to me. After I feed him I’ll sit him in this, so he’s upright and his food digests great in his tummy, it vibrates and plays music (the music kind of creeps me out so I don’t play it!) I started putting him this fairly early only because I wanted him to be okay on his own, I didn’t want him to have to be constantly held. I just played with him while he sat in there. Plus as he got older, it allowed me to free my hands to clean some dishes! He doesn’t use this as much now that he’s older but in the first three months, I used ALL the time.

The moby wrap, I’m pretty sure my friend Jamie recommended this carrier. This is super comfortable to wear, it gets a little hot of course but any carrier I’ve worn so far makes you hot.. Just having a baby attached to you in any way makes you so much HOTTER! But this came in especially handy the first time we went to church and he was only a few weeks old and he could hide in it without being touched by germy hands! haha just kidding my church friends who are reading this ;) I had to search YouTube for a tutorial on how to put it on but it was easy after the first time I did it. Now that he’s bigger he would go in it wrapped a different way so I’ll have to look that one up next!

After the Moby Wrap comes the ERGObaby carrier. My friend Elisabeth let me borrow hers! Which is awesome because they are a bit pricey, although I’ll say after using it, totally worth the money. Don’t even register for the another harness carrier, pointless. I haven’t used this a ton yet, just a few times but those times were a little heavenly. The padding on your shoulders is so comfortable, I kept thinking it would start hurting like the Baby Bjorn did but nope. Besides the amazingly padded shoulders, it basically puts the weight on your hips. Which works for this mama because I do have some child bearing hips.. What mommy doesn’t? We are going to Hawaii in November and this will definitely be coming with us.

Binkys, binkys, binkys… I was torn about what to do about pacifiers. I didn’t want him to get dependent, but I also know it does help soothe some babies.. So I did end up giving in and giving him one. The first one I tried was a WabbaNub.. Well just because of how darn cute they are! That didn’t work, I also tried Nuk and he didn’t take that either. Then.. low and behold the MAM Pacifier. Those ones actually stay in his mouth, he’s still not a total pacifier baby but it definitely helps him in the car when he is cranky.

Oh my goodness this should have probably been the first one… My baby monitor.. I call it the OCD-mom baby monitor. It’s made by Angelcare and it is a video monitor plus it has a sensor pad that detects the baby’s breathing. So if they stop breathing this loud alarm goes off. I definitely recommend this if you plan to have your baby in their crib. Or if your just paranoid like I am. I ended up getting mine on Amazon on cyber Monday for almost a hundred dollars cheaper! It was still a little pricey and Scott thought I was crazy when I got it but he even admitted that second week when we put Grayson in the nursery that he was glad I got it. It just gave us a piece of mind. Oh until it kinda stopped working as well probably around 4 weeks, but we called Angelcare and while on the phone with them I tested it. It still wasn’t working properly so they sent me out a new sensor pad and camera right away. So all around, I definitely recommend this monitor.

Thermometer, ahh yes the thermometer. Is a paranoid mama thing or do you check baby’s temperature like twice a week? Maybe it’s just me. But I absolutely love mine, I love it even more because I got it for free! Babies-R-Us had them at their store for 50% off plus I had those Rewards dollars they offer. All you have to do is rub this against their foreheads for a few seconds and waalaa. Grayson tries to look up at it when I do it. He looks funny when he does that!

Mr. Sleep Sheep. Love him. There are sometimes… okay a lot if times my child doesn’t want to take his nap during the day. So we’ll play the ocean waves or stream sounds and it seems to help. Who knows if it really does, but he’s cute and I know it’s helped other friends babies sleep sooo.. he’s going on the list. 

Lastly, the thing I can think of that I’ve used a lot is the Bumbo. (another loaned item from the sister!) I am such a busy person, plus I just have to be doing something a lot of the time. I’m just not a person who can sit for very long, so this seat lets him be right there in the action with me. As I’m working on the computer, cooking or working on a craft project I’ll stick him in this and he’ll just sit and watch me. It’s bonding time for us too because I’m constantly talking to him, explaining to him what I’m doing. It’s fun!  It’s also totally helped him with sitting up stronger. Of course make sure to strap your babies in. I had to order the piece to install because Kristy got hers before the recall, but even strapped in, Grayson is never out of my reach.
Now of course as I said these are just my recommendations. Thought it might help a new mom like me who didn’t really have a clue what I’d actually use. Everyone is different but I did love and do use all of these on a daily basis. Anyone have anything else to add??

Thanks for reading!


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