Picnic in Central Park themed Bridal Shower

I honestly don’t think a bridal shower could be more someone’s style than the one we threw for Miss Lauren soon-to-be Mrs. Wagoner. Down to every detail we pretty much nailed it! Lauren has so many little quirks about her but she isn’t all anal about them (the word anal in a post about a bridal shower, really?) but her little quirks made it really easy to come up with ideas that we thought were soo “her”.  She’s so easy going and laid back but knows what she likes. Does that make sense? She loves doing anything outdoors (as long as it isn’t 100 degrees of course) and she loves to be around her friends. Her family is from New York and so she has a love for that city, so we decided to combine both of those things and have a bridal shower themed “Picnic in Central Park”. Like I already mentioned it was absolutely perfect and absolutely “Lauren”. That was pretty much our term throughout the planning of this shower, “oh my gosh that’s sooo Lauren” Okay, with all this chatter I bet your just dying to see all of the pictures from it..

Well you’ll have to wait just a minute because I couldn’t help but first feed into the continued obsession with my beautiful son. He was such a good boy that day, here he is napping in his swing while we set up the shower.Okay now that I got that out of my system, all about our beautiful bride. For dinner we had hot dogs and cooked them on this awesome hot dog machine that my father-in-law let us borrow. We also had nachos and pasta salad and some fruit.And some popcorn of course We had table seating but we mostly had blankets and sheets for people to sit on, then we had picnic baskets that had their plates, utensils and favors inside them. So cute! These bikes are Lauren and her groom Kellen’s. Might have been my favorite part of our decorations.Mother of the bride with a big smile and a hug from mom-in-law. It’s such a blessing to have a great mother-in-law (I would know too, I have one!)
This is where we had Lauren sit to open her presents. (this might also be my favorite part of the decorations)The dessert table. Her love of New York continues on.What I’m about to say you might think is weird, it’s okay we all do.. haha but Lauren LOVES ketchup. Lots of ketchup. So we had the idea (ok we saw the idea on Pinterest) to bake some cupcakes in ketchup containers. Cute right!?Oh wait, what’s that you ask? Another incredibly cute picture of my kid. Although it looks like he’s thinking the same thing you are, another picture??
Two of my gorgeous accomplices in putting this amazing shower together.Something else that Lauren loves (besides ketchup) is games. Any and all games. So instead of the typical bridal shower games we decided to do games that went along more with the picnic theme. The first game we played was a modified version of cornhole. Lauren was of course was welcome to play all of them. Next was a hot potato/flower bouquet game. Sam was working our “boom box”My guess is she got eliminated. Present timeLastly, we had a potato sack race, it was hilarious to watch. Debbie, all I have to say about you in this picture.. PURE DETERMINATION. L, I took a picture of you on the way up if you know what I mean (ha)Raise your hand if you think Kelly is in the lead.. No, she decided to turn right around instead of going to the finish line. (Bonus, Debbie really gets into her picnic games)
Jamie winsI wanted to crop this picture in nice and tight because looking at Lauren in this picture, that’s success to me. A successful shower to bless a beautiful lady, if that’s the only picture I took the entire time, that would be enough for me. Group shotAlthough Sam, Jamie, Trisha and I “planned” the shower, there is no way we could have done it without the help of so many other people. As I have been doing these showers more and more I just love seeing women coming together to love on other women.

Lauren Anne I am so so so very excited for you to marry the man of your dreams. We’re all truly blessed to know you and to be a part of your special day. I’m pretty positive your going to be one of the most beautiful brides in all of wedding history. 16 days until your special day, but who’s counting? We love you Lauren.


5 thoughts on “Picnic in Central Park themed Bridal Shower

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  2. This is so beautiful! I had the best time and I was so happy. I love you girls so much and I felt very blessed and spoiled!! It really was “SO” me. Thank you for putting on this wonderful shower it honestly was the best ever, i dont think anyone can top it :). I cant believe im getting married in just 15 days, and im so excited all of you will be apart of my special day! I love you all. Thanks for posting Jess!!

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