DIY :: Simple letter canvas

I know I mentioned a couple of weeks ago on Hello Monday that the bills seem extremely large and it’s no secret budget is tight these days. I posted Lauren’s Bridal Shower yesterday and when I was trying to come up with a gift for her and spend wisely, Sam suggested I check out Lauren’s Pinterest (again Pinterest love) for ideas on something I could do myself. Sam’s a genius! I got a few ideas and love them! I thought I’d do a quick DIY on this canvas, well, because it was so easy. Ingredients for this are: Any size canvas, some chipboard letters, spray adhesive and white spray paint (not pictured)First you’ll want to lay out what you’d like it to say and find the placement. Spray the adhesive on the canvasNext comes the spray paint… Outside we goYou’ll want to apply quite a few coats of spray paint, or at least I did. I also dabbed a little super glue under a couple of letters that were raising. But that’s it! I mean really, does it get any easier? I think I need to step up my DIY game and try something a little harder :) xo j.


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