7 years later

7 years later and I’m looking at this photo, it’s almost like we’re looking off into the distance of our future. Wondering how it will turn out. I can say that we never thought it would have turned out the way it has. But who does? The way our lives have turned out regardless of if it’s what we had planned, is how it was suppose to. I wanted to reminisce a little bit today, feel free to join me on the photograph journey of a girl turned wife, turned mommy. (but my feelings won’t be hurt if you change your mind and decide not to keep scrolling after the thirty-something pictures I’ve posted)

Our first kiss as husband and wife, October 8th, 2005.
Honeymoon in Hawaii
Mexico 2006Apparently we both forgot how to smile for this one.Yes that is a Donkey, you see that correctly. Not a whole lot to do down at the Ranch.Gosh Mikey was so little then!I’m pretty sure we all agree that our Mexico vacation that year was by far one of the best vacations ever.Zagone Wedding 2007Christmas 2007This is one of my all time favorite pictures, I love Scott’s smile.I love this family photo (That’s Tommy, our favorite roommate) Scott’s birthday party 2008Sam, is this the first we picture we ever took together!?
Another of my favorite pictures ever!Mexico, Tio Meche and Tia Lupe. Miss them
Scott’s birthday, August 2009DecemberHawaii/Lazar Wedding, October 2010Much to his dismay, buying me an anniversary present (the watch). Let’s see what I can get this year when we go :)
Sea World 2011 (two words – use sunblock)OC Fair
MexicoSelf explanatory. (September)These are my most favorite Christmas photos ever! I love our growing families.The day our lives changed forever, May 20th, 2012Huntington Beach, September I know that in between all of these amazing memories were hard times, hard times that I don’t remember and hard times that I will never forget. But what counts the most is learning from everything life throws our way, making memories from it all. What a beautiful thing pictures are, they literally can take you back to the very moment they were taken. I had so much fun spending the day going through these pictures and remembering the last seven years we’ve been married, plus the other six I didn’t post pictures of. There is not one other man in this world that I would want to lead me through our journey. You have blown me away as a husband, and again as a father to Grayson. I pray with my whole heart that Grayson grows up to be a man of character, integrity, patience, forgiveness and a heart of gold just like his dad. Happy Anniversary Scott, I love you so very much.


4 thoughts on “7 years later

  1. I seriously need to stop reading your blogs as my first act of the day… crying does not need to start my day ever! haha

    – I love your first kiss photo, it’s so embracive (??)
    – Jess on a donkey!? haha don’t think I’ve ever seen that one!
    – I do believe that is our first official photo together!!! of just the two us probably! Thanks for including me! :)
    – I love the “I’m pregnant!” collage that we received that same morning!
    – As I said in your other post, I just love that family beach photo of you THREE! Love love love!

    AH! Happy anniversary! So so happy for you guys and your journey!

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  3. Yup this made me cry all over again! hahahah

    I would never have said Grayson was ever “chunky” but in that last photo he does look a little like a chunk! Love it!! And i love your family!! Happy anniversary!!

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