Lake Elsinore Children Photographer :: Josiah’s cake smash

I just love me some awesome party theme and decorations, and the party that McKensie threw Josiah for his FIRST birthday did not disappoint. I love that the little critters at his party are not the typical “baby” animals, bleh. But fun, quirky little guys instead. Of course our very own personal Graphic Designer, (and my partner in crime as we so often refer to each other) Sam created the invitations that became the inspiration behind the decor. Love it! Love her! I should have taken more photos of the adorable stuff McKensie had but I was mostly inthralled with this awesome little boy who liked to “build” his cake rather than eat it. So cute! Daddy helping Josiah get ready for his cakeAnd a little hydrationBefore we get the cake I have to say having a baby proves to be useful in more than one way. The wind was kinda crazy that day so I needed a little help from Grayson’s birdie to keep the backdrop tight. Thank you Mr. Birdie.I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter set of lumberjack love-handles than these right here.The start of the Happy Birthday song.And the end. He’s not a fan.So cute! But don’t worry he was his happy self as soon as we were done. What a beautiful family. Seeing this photo now I sure wish Josh would have worn some suspenders to match Josiah, shirt on of course. Ha! But it still would have been cute!

Love you so much Black family, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.


3 thoughts on “Lake Elsinore Children Photographer :: Josiah’s cake smash

  1. Oh my goodness, cutest one year old in suspenders eating cake that I have ever seen! Stealing so many of these for my post, I just can’t decide which ones!

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