Our first halloween

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times, the way the halloween is portrayed nowadays is just not good. As I drive through my neighborhood some of the decorations that people have out are just plain creepy. I’m glad Grayson isn’t old enough to see them, he might be scared. Although who knows once he is old enough what they will come up with! If you are looking for an alternative to halloween, our church is planning an awesome event. It’s going to be so much fun! (I’ll post a link to the event later!)

With that being said I am excited to dress our little mister up. But in what!? Of course I combed Pinterest and Google, here’s what caught my eye.

This cracks me up! He kinda reminds me of Grayson a little bit too!


As adorable as this is, I can’t bring myself to torture Grayson with something so big and uncomfortable…

This one is for my mom, she’s always been obsessed with Zelda…

This would cute if Grayson and Jaxon did this one together (football onsie DIY in link)

If only Grayson were chubbier, and Asian…

Okay so here’s one I’m seriously considering…

This one too, I don’t have the link, I just did a screen capture of it on my phone so that I could send my it to my mom. (since she’s the Queen of sewing ANYTHING!)

So which one do I do!? I kinda sorta love that little boxer guy too! Anyone have any cute ideas?

2 thoughts on “Our first halloween

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