All because of the celebration

I’ve mentioned a few times that there was a very special wedding that we were all involved in recently and if I haven’t already mentioned that it was absolutely beautiful. I will now. It was absolutely beautiful!! Gorgeous couple (they are going to make beautiful babies, get on that guys!) amazing venue, pretty smokin wedding party. As a whole it was just a truly wonderful day. As a result of that day and the celebration of our dear friends unity, there were so many  memories made. I just thought I’d share my favorites here.

The bachlorette celebration

Time with the brother

And Uncle

All the nephews, someone please have a little girl (such a poor quality picture, sorry)

Meeting this little man
The rehearsal/most favorite picture of all time (thanks for “being Jamie” Allan!)
The night before the wedding bridesmaid dinner

The wedding day of course 

“I got this! Okay I’m stuck”
Thank you Kellen and Lauren for letting me be such a close part to your very special day, thank you for including Grayson in all of it, and thank you for bringing JD out here. The celebration of you two is the reason for all of these wonderful memories. 

Then finally, our goodbyes 

So many amazing memories (I promise that Scott was around, he just wasn’t in any pictures for some reason) in just a short time. So thankful for my life.

(These were all taken on iPhones so sorry for some of the poor picture quality!)


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