Could anything worse happen!?

I’ve known that this could/would happen eventually. The time when you feel like if they handed out awards, or better yet slaps in the face for the worst mother in the world, I would be first to the stage. I didn’t think it would be in the first six months of Grayson’s life. Let me paint the picture for you as best as I could.

Grayson and I were out running errands Saturday morning/afternoon, driving all around town from the Outlet Center on over to the Menifee shopping center. It was finally time to go home and I was already “late” in feeding Grayson but it was fine we would be home in ten minutes.. Or maybe not. I’m about to turn onto Menifee Rd from Haun (I’m telling you where this is so that the people familiar with the area can picture this nightmare) so I’m about to turn when my car suddenly starts sputtering. Almost as instantly as my car stops, Grayson starts screaming. Not crying, screaming. I try starting my car several times but no luck. I then remember my gas light came on, 60MILESAGO! How could I forget to get gas! I will tell you, if you’re ever curious to see how many dirty looks you can get in one sitting, stall your car in an intersection. It was awful. 

I climbed into the back to feed Grayson and calm him down. First thing I did was call my dad, thank God he was home. Then I cried. Then I called Scott. How could I let this happen when I know that Grayson is always with me. In this situation I felt at a loss, it was 95 degrees out, in the middle of the street. It’s hot in the car but I can’t just leave, or I can but it’s so much harder with all of Grayson’s stuff. I felt helpless. So my dad got there after about 20 minutes and put gas in my car. yay. Oh wait, now my battery is dead!! I’m not even joking right now.

Again helpless, I can’t put Grayson in my dad’s truck by himself. I can’t help my dad push my car, I was so worried someone would crash into us with him in the backseat. It was absolutely awful. So here is my dad, pushing us through the intersection all by himself. Once we got to the other side and pulled over two nice men came and helped push me into a dirt lot next to the gas station and one guy even had jumper cables and got my car started again. Thank you kind man.

While we were waiting for my dad to bring his truck to where we were parked I was holding Grayson on my lap to cool off in the air conditioning, he spits up.. Thank you son, for adding to my nightmare.Later on Scott tells me that the other day he took my car to work he was listening to the radio and when he went to start the car it wouldn’t start so he knew we would need a new battery soon. I wanted to reach through the phone and ring his neck! Seriously if I drank Saturday would have been margarita day for me.

This may or may not factor into me forgetting about needing gas. My car alerts me when I need gas.. alerts me like every time I turn the car on. But I do have these adorable guys covering up the alerts. Oops. So if you were in the Menifee shopping area Saturday afternoon and hit some traffic I apologize. But if you were in the area and didn’t stop to help me, shame on you. ;) xoxo j.



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