My Life :: Grayson’s first halloween

Scott was so cute after we got our first family pumpkin I stuck the little guy outside by the front door. For some reason I haven’t gotten into decorating with my harvest decorations just yet so that little pumpkin was the only thing out there. Scott came home and saw it and said it looked pathetic. (that’s not the cute part) but he insisted that  Grayson’s first pumpkin it had to be carved. After he was done, he said, “look it’s a baby for our baby” (insert cute) (oh and the baby pumpkin had one little tooth but as the pumpkin got older that tooth kind of curdled inside) Anyway, long story longer I wanted to make sure I got a picture of G next to his first pumpkin that his daddy carved for him.

You might remember my post about trying to find Grayson a costume for his first halloween. There were quite a few cute ones and we were really debating the boxer because it was just so cute. But even though the days are still warm here in sunny California the nights can be really cool so him being out in just boxing shorts catching a cold just didn’t appeal to me. So we went with Clark Kent, here’s our result. This one is blurry but I think it’s hilarious His facial expression.. again hilarious. Stink eye if I’ve ever seen one.This next one he is using his Superman super powers to tell me, get me outta here! His  powers are his huge gorgeous brown eyes. They supernaturally melt my heart every time. I know halloween is past but it’s been so hectic over here lately I didn’t get to these until today. If for some reason you can’t stop thinking about my son after you see this, blame it on the eyes :) Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend!


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