Grayson’s dedication

If everything has gone according to plan then we are on our way to paradise, but I did want to share with you Grayson’s dedication.

As some of you know, right after I had found out I was pregnant with Grayson my brother decided to leave the country. (okay I made that sound bad but it really isn’t) but after our struggle to have a healthy pregnancy I was really excited because I knew our kids will have the best uncle in JD. Fast foward past me taking forever to get to a point, when I heard JD was going to be coming back for the Wagoner wedding I was super excited because a. we were going to get to see him after nine months b. he was going to meet his nephew and c. we could have him dedicated at church and JD could be here to witness it. Buuut, he was only here for like four days and the only Sunday was the actual wedding day so we all missed church. We talked about dedicating him on our own so that JD would be there but it was really important for me to dedicate him at church, because it was also a way to express our appreciation to our church family for praying so deeply for Grayson.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while than you know August 2010 started the most heart-breaking journey we’ve had to go through. I first started writing about it in this post when we lost our first baby and then in March when we lost our second. Since then the people at our church having been praying for us. Never in our lives have we felt the power of prayer more than through the trials of the last two years. The third time we were pregnant we felt so much love from our church family and comfort from the Holy Spirit we were at peace. Now I can happily say that because of God’s amazing grace and His people’s prayers we have a beautiful healthy baby boy.

When you have the Lord in your life and go through something devastating it’s hard to get through it at times, (what am I saying, it’s hard to get through with every beat of your broken heart) but when you find your hope in Jesus you have that peace that surpasses all understand. We don’t understand why we have to go through these things, but that is the beauty of faith, we don’t have to understand. The peace that our Jesus, who died on the cross for us is the ultimate understanding and all we have to do is put our trust in Him. He’ll handle the rest, he’ll put back the pieces and be your strength to keep going. Thank you Jesus that you give us comfort in your Word. When you are hurting, that is ultimately the only thing that will heal you.

One last thing, if you have a relationship with Jesus and don’t go to church. Make a change. You absolutely need the fellowship with other believers. From experience I can tell you, when life hits you with a trial you’ll need them. You need the hugs, the “I love you’s” from them and most importantly the prayer. But if you aren’t there, they can’t hug you. Know what I’m sayin?

This is the video my dad took of it, when I first talked to Josh about this he asked me if I wanted to speak, but let’s just be honest.. I’m waaay to emotional about all it still and there be ugly crying happening. I thought best leave it up to him, Josh is very gifted in his speech and I knew he would do a great job. I also gave him a copy of this post and he actually read a paragraph from it. (so sorry for the repeat) But like always I’m posting so I can come back and re-read/live it.

I was so scared he was going to spit up while we were up there! Thank goodness he didn’t! Please Jesus let Grayson grow up and choose You.


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