What’s in my {diaper} bag?

About two weeks before I had Grayson I posted about what I was going to be bringing with me to the hospital in my diaper bag (if you want to you can read that here) I still need to do a follow up for what I actually used, maybe some day. I knew I was over packing but I’m definitely a just-in-case kind of girl. This time I thought I’d do a what’s in the bag on an every day basis.

These first things are all pretty self-explanatory I suppose. I don’t like germs so the first two are to help my phobia. Three and four are because my son spits up, like way too much, five.. an extra onsie for pretty much the same reason and socks if his tootsie rolls get cold.

6 is the changing pad covers, the one that comes with the diaper bag I use all the time and I carry disposable ones too just in case I ever use the public restroom (see germaphob I told you) 7. Nifty little scented bags that hold dirty diapers if you’re somewhere that you can’t throw them away but don’t want to stink up your bag. 8. What are those called again? I kid I kid. 9. Wipes (fyi so far I like Pampers everything better, buut I registered for all Huggies so that’s what I have most of. These just happen to come in something I got and they’re perfect because they’re compact size)

Timeout for the cute baby 

10. This is Grayson’s little car seat friend, Mr. Giraffe keeps him company when he has to be back there alone. 11. Is the actual blanket he sleeps with, that only comes with us if I know I’m going to be putting him to sleep somewhere. 12. Another car ride distraction and 13 is the pacifier and clip (DIY post

I forgot to include this little guy in the above picture, Grayson’s sleep sheep. I used to only bring him when I knew I was putting him down but now I’ll bring it even if we’re going to be out because if it’s loud or something I’ll put it in the car seat with him to let him know it’s time to sleep. Seems to work. 

Now to my arch nemesis, bottles and formula.. We’ve had the hardest timing feeding this darn kid between not making enough milk and then starting him on formula and having him constantly spit up. I’ve literally tried about seven different formulas, three different bottles and he still spits up more than normal. Ah well. We’ve come to realize it is what it is, I will be changing outfits all day long. He’s still growing like a weed and a happy boy and that’s all that matters. On that note, here is what we use (with one substitute, we now give him Similac for Spit-Up) and the Dr. Brown’s bottles. All this fuss for one little guy. Now you know what I carry on a daily basis. A ton I know, but I have the room! And I like to be prepared. xoxo j.


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