Coffee date with me

Or in my case ice cream date because I don’t drink coffee.
Would you like to come over for ice cream?

If you did, I’d want to know your story.
What makes you, you.
Are you happy? Are you hurting?
Do you love the Lord?

I would tell you that it is time for me to go back to work.
And that it feels like my heart breaks a million times to have to leave Grayson.

I would tell you that I have a husband that works harder than anyone I know.

I would tell you that God feels far away.
But that it’s my fault He does.

That often times I feel like life isn’t fair.
That we can never catch a break.

You might see dirty dishes in the sink, and dog hair on the floor.
You might see a pile of toys in three separate rooms.

Grayson would show you his new trick, sitting all by himself.
He would probably smile at you with his eyes.
I think you would fall in love with him immediately.
I do over and over again every day.
I would tell you that if he’s the only gift God gives me for the rest of my life, that would be okay.

I would tell you that I feel inspired. Finally.
That I thank Jesus that photography has inspired me again

I would tell you that Grayson loves his daddy
That’s all he looks at when Scott’s in the room.

When our date was over I would suggest we do it again. Soon.
When you leave I would hug you and tell you that I love you.
I would pray for you when you’re gone.
And hope I would see you again. Soon.


(I really liked the idea of this post that I saw this on The Wiegands blog)


3 thoughts on “Coffee date with me

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