Menifee Newborn Photography :: Lyla & Tristin

Newborns! Friends you know my soft heart for those new little babies, I love getting to spend time with one newborn… this time there were two! Meet Lyla and Tristin, precious children to Phillip and Jaymi. Now because I know Jaymi personally I knew that they had gone back and forth about trying for one last baby. Once Phillip served in Afghanistan in 2011 (thank you Phil for your service) baby fever got the best of them and they got pregnant. Only to find out they were having twins!! Haha! I could only giggle because their plan was for one more, but God’s was to double it. I love it! It’s an amazing story of how we can plan our lives all we want but the Lord might have something else for you which turns out to be an even better blessing than we can imagine. That is what these precious babies are, I’ve got to spend just a little time with them and they are so sweet (although you can ask mom how feisty they are between midnight and four a.m!) I was so excited when they asked me to take these and I just adore them.

This first one shot of Tristin might be my most favorite newborn photo ever.Sweet baby smile
Now if the next few don’t melt your heart away I don’t know what willMy favorite of them togetherWhat an amazing bond it would be to be a twin.. I’m so excited to invited along to be a part of the first year (and many more I’m sure) of these babies lives.


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