Menifee Family Photography :: Spottsville family

Oh my word this is just the cutest family. I met Mandi at church while I was pregnant when she gave me the cutest onsie and her business card for newborn photos! She’s silly and gives her interpretation of one of our first meetings here when she posted our family photos. (What she really should know is I thought that was a fantastic way to market what she is doing!) Over the last couple of months we’ve spent more time together and I’ve fallen in friendship with her. I like her. A lot. When she asked if I wanted to do a swap for family photos I practically jumped for joy. Good thing she didn’t see me because she might not like me after that. She did ours first and let me tell you, I just had so much fun. I could go on and on about our session (and will once I post our photos) but I am suppose to be talking about how wonderful their shoot went. Their session was so much fun, their daughter Anayah is smart and feisty, not to mention so stinkin adorable. Mandi is pregnant with another baby girl and I can hardly wait to see how beautiful she will be.

Would you like me to stop talking now and see the gorgeous family already!? Okay sure. See, adorable!
Brian was very quiet but I have a feeling there is a whole other side to this guy… I love this oneThis one, yes you guessed it.. my favoriteI’ve been wanting to try this since I saw it on Pinterest, we wanted Anayah to stop running around for a minute.. perfect solution. Mandi you guys should try that at home. Another favoriteHow fun was that!? Such a sweet, growing family. I could go on and on and Mandi (I haven’t gotten to know Brian or else I would brag about him as well I’m sure) but the friendship Mandi and I have developed in just the short amount of time is truly a blessing to me. She’s a women of God, a great mother and a lovely friend. I’m already a better person for knowing her. Thank you for asking me to take your photos, it was an honor.


3 thoughts on “Menifee Family Photography :: Spottsville family

  1. Ok I think I may have shed a tear or two. You are so sweet! Thank you!! These are awesome and really are just so “us”! I can’t wait to continue working with you :) xoxo

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