Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

Six whole months. Crazy. We went to the doctor’s today and he said that Grayson is growing great! He’s a petite little boy so he’s right where he needs to be. I told him that he still spits up a lot and he told me about some tree bark powder. ha okay so it sounds weird but it’s a natural way to help his issue and hopefully I can take him on the medication he is on. He’s been on it for a while and we don’t really like that. Praying that this helps him. Also selfishly I’m really tired of smelling like spit-up

Things were so crazy last month that I didn’t get to do an update for him but not a whole lot was different from the fourth month, this month a lot more has changed. He’s sitting up all by himself and eating solid foods. Talks all the time and smiles constantly (that hasn’t changed) my favorite is when he gives me slobbery kisses. Ever since he was born I’ve made him give me “kisses” and it seems like he’s finally understand because when I ask for kisses he opens his mouth wide and leans forward to lay a wet one. Next we’re working on hugs. 6 months
What a fun age six months is! It’s always my favorite to photograph kids at this age but even funner (yes I know that’s not a word but whatev) to have a six month old myself. He sleeps through the night and always wakes up happy. We think he’s teething but nothing has come through yet. Maybe by next month :) Thanks for reading all about Grayson!

Tomorrow I’m going to post our family photos that Mandi took and then hopefully early next week I’ll post the six month photos of G! xoxo j.


6 thoughts on “Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

  1. I just love how every post photo captures Grayson at that age! How do you do that?! haha Like the one where you said he started sucking his hands, the photo is him with his hand in his mouth. Goodness, I just love your little boy! He looks so so much older here! And bigger!

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