I love my family :: Christmas photos 2012

It’s so funny because in all of the years we’ve taken family photos it’s been a big ta-da and I always worry and try to figure out what we’re wearing and how we (I) look. I get my hair done like three days before the picture date because three days after is when it looks the best. Not this time. I put a little thought into our outfits after I saw a cute picture on Pinterest but ummm did you see those roots!? Regardless of my poor color choices and inch and half hair regrowth these are BY FAR my most family portraits ever. I can’t help but look at them over and over and over. Roots and all. Besides the great photographer who took them (more on her in a sec) but it’s what they represent. Our family. Please don’t pinch me because I’m scared I am going to wake up from this amazing dream that is my life. I still can’t believe he’s ours. I had every right to want to be a mother so badly, it’s the best thing in the world. Now I have a forever reminder of this special time because of these photos.

I have these memories forever thanks to my beautiful friend Mandi, we did a family photo swap and you see their photos HERE. She and I are starting to work on a really neat photography project together, and while we have different styles I think our partnership will work perfectly. Especially with our common denominator being the Lord. Okay so back to our photos, like usual when it comes to my baby boy there are waaaaay too many. You all know I’m obsessed already so I know you’re used to it by now. Here they are, all million and one of them. One of my favorites.. Why do I have five of practically the same pose? I couldn’t decide which one I liked better! They all have a slightly different expression!Gosh I love him so much

Another of my favoritesHis belly button is my favorite thing about this one 

Well a million and one right!? But all worth it. Also, you probably have seen that I also added another one of my favorites to the header of my blog. I love that that’s the first thing everyone sees when the come here. I’m so blessed.

Thank you Mandi for our pure joy, I will remember this for all of my days.

Now to figure out how I can use every.single.one.


One thought on “I love my family :: Christmas photos 2012

  1. You, more than anyone else, make me so so so excited to be a mom! Thank you for loving your son so so much—showing me the true joy of being someone’s mother—and letting me love on him so so much too!

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