Menifee Family Photography :: The Valenzuela’s

If you’d like to meet a sweet family with a solid foundation with the Lord, you should go and meet the Valenzuela’s. They are the best! More than anyone Tifiny has helped me so much when it has come to establishing a schedule and sleep training Grayson. Early on we had decided to attempt Baby Wise and let me tell you, it’s hard. If I hadn’t of had Tifiny there for my plethora of questions I definitely would have given up. Tifiny and Esteban are both in ministry at our church and let me just say I hope the Lord continues to call Tifiny to children’s ministry (selfishly of course) because I’d love for Grayson to learn from her and be under her guidance when he gets older. This family is a true testimony of God’s faithfulness, if you’d like to read about their story you can go over to Tifiny’s blog and read all about it plus get to know her and their precious babies.

menifeefamilyphotography_2614menifeefamilyphotography_2604menifeefamilyphotography_2638menifeefamilyphotography_2629We love nana!
menifeefamilyphotography_2658One of my very favorites from the day


I just love this one, what an amazing couple you guys are!menifeefamilyphotography_2717Love you Valenzuela’s!!


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