6 months old :: Grayson Scott

We are at the six month mark (well six and a half since I’m about two weeks late) but we couldn’t be happier. Every day it is something new and he is growing so fast. I’ve loved every stage he has been in and it keeps getting better and better. More and more he wants to be on the move but I’m not ready. I’m not ready for him to grow up.

The blog has been overloaded with our family lately and especially this little one. Today being no exception. Here are the plethora of photos that are my favorite from his six month.
menifeechildphotography_5841I absolutely love his lips in this one. Something about them.menifeechildphotography_5849menifeechildphotography_5838menifeechildphotography_5836

Such a silly boy, I think he’s yelling at me here.menifeechildphotography_5853menifeechildphotography_5860menifeechildphotography_5862menifeechildphotography_5865Goodness I love his big eyes


This guy already likes to stand. He has pulled himself up before. Sometimes I wonder if he’ll go straight to walking. I hope not.menifeechildphotography_5884

Something about his side profile here. So sweet. (Notice the prop Sam?)

He’s swimming in this onemenifeechildphotography_5897

Lipsmenifeechildphotography_5917Such a sweet boy
menifeechildphotography_5919One more shot of those gorgeous eyes menifeechildphotography_5946Bug I love you so so much, you have healed my broken heart and brought joy to all of our lives like I never knew was possible. You are so sweet and I hope you will always be my snug little bug in a rug.


One thought on “6 months old :: Grayson Scott

  1. Oh oh my goodness! I think my favorites are the 5860 series…. those overalls, oh my!! And I do love the prop. I feel like he’s looking at it thinking, hmmm am I at auntie Sammi’s?

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