Menifee Family Photography :: Shawn, Kelley & Parker

I titled this post Shawn, Kelley and Parker but I actually add baby girl Siepker. Kelley is about eight months pregnant with a little precious girl. I can’t wait to see what she looks like! I wonder if she’ll look like her cousins Ava or Grace.. We shall see. I (might have been the only one) had so much fun with this session. Parker was so sweet and so good and Shawn and Kelley crack me up so I’m laughing the entire time. I don’t think they know how funny they are. I also love that these photos are Christmas spirit all the way! menifeefamilyphotography_5630I just love his little profile here, so sweet.menifeefamilyphotography_5719There’s the baby girl!menifeefamilyphotography_5680 menifeefamilyphotography_5679I’ve always loved black and white photographs but lately I really love them. For this one Parker is (gently) pushing mommy and daddy’s heads together to kiss. Adorablemenifeefamilyphotography_5734Heart melting now. He loves his daddy and mommymenifeefamilyphotography_5747 menifeefamilyphotography_5773I think this is my favorite from our day.

And my second menifeefamilyphotography_5791menifeefamilyphotography_5808Thank you Siepker family as always for 1. entertaining me and 2. entrusting me with some of your most precious memories.


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