Mommy Moments

I took a shower only to realize that I grabbed Grayson’s bath towel instead of my own.

I’ve learned to brush my teeth the first time I realize it hasn’t been done otherwise it probably won’t happen.

If I ever want Grayson to wake up, all I have to do is fall asleep for five minutes.

When you lose a baby, even one you’ve never met a piece of your heart breaks off. When I hear my husband and son laughing from the other room the opposite happens, my hearts gets bigger.

I’m a sucker for little boy pajama’s

I cannot go into a store without running into or knocking something over with my cart. Yesterday it was a pile of toilet paper.

Another of my favorite moments is when Grayson is so tired he can’t hold his head up and his face falls straight into nuzzling my neck. Nothing sweeter. IMG_5877I feel so unbelievably blessed by him, it still blows me away. I would imagine having another baby would make you feel twice as blessed?


One thought on “Mommy Moments

  1. Seriously, I can’t read your blog anymore without my eyes welling up with tears of happiness. Bah! Must be the side effect of hearts growing so rapidly.

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