Menifee Family Photography :: the Richardson family

What started as Caleb’s six  month appointment turned into one of my all time favorite family sessions in-studio! Caleb is such a sweet sweet boy and (again) made my job so easy. I had to peek out from behind my camera, that got his attention and got this adorable smile! I mean look at this photo, does it get any cuter!? menifeefamilyphotography_1276 menifeefamilyphotography_1259 menifeefamilyphotography_1234Another favorite, he is just soo cute.menifeefamilyphotography_1297 menifeefamilyphotography_1302 menifeefamilyphotography_1307Hello handsome.menifeefamilyphotography_1314menifeefamilyphotography_1328 menifeefamilyphotography_1345It is no secret that Caleb made mommy work to have him (both pre-pregnancy and during labor! ha) Stef and I have talked several times in our boys’ short lives about our trials of getting pregnant and at the same time these special boys being worth the wait. Caleb is such a sweet, happy little guy and there isn’t another baby in the world that is better for Stef and Chris. What a blessing he is. I can’t believe he is over half of a year old, it’s such a joy for me to watch him grow. I hope you have a great first Christmas with your little boogie! xoxo j.


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