Menifee Child Photography :: Chase & Maddie’s pajama party

This week on it’s all Christmas, all week long and I love it! I especially love the pajama’s these little cuties wore for our Christmas shoot. I sent a photo of something similar to Elisabeth a couple of weeks ago and she did a GREAT job putting it all together! My only contribution was the straws and the camera. The kids had a great time with it too! In between our photos we played a few games of hide and seek. I have to say that I just love this Christmas tree farm, it’s a perfect spot for Christmas photos (as you’ve so clearly seen the past couple of weeks) Chase and Maddie are two of the sweetest kids ever and I had such a good time playing with them for this. Nothing better than kids enjoying a little cookies and chocolate milk.menifeechildphotography_200 menifeechildphotography_224 menifeechildphotography_233 menifeechildphotography_252 menifeechildphotography_213I just love Chase in this one.menifeechildphotography_259 menifeechildphotography_288These next two are my favorite
menifeechildphotography_299 menifeechildphotography_370Look at those adorable slippers Maddie has on!menifeechildphotography_383Merry Christmas Pedder family, love you guys!!


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