Grayson’s first Christmas

I hope that you all enjoyed a great Christmas with people you love and I hope you feel as blessed as I do to have family and friends that care so much about our little family. Scott had four days off starting Saturday and I was sure that I(we) were going to just hang out and relax all four days.. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I actually don’t think I even sat until yesterday afternoon.
Christmas Eve we went to Santa Ana to visit with Scott’s family, we don’t typically do that but it was a nice change and I’m really glad we went. (plus we got some A-mazing tamales, yum!)
I went back and forth on the whole “Santa Claus” thing. Since really that is not what this holiday is about but Scott and I decided that there will be a Santa Claus, but that our kids would always know the real reason for Christmas. Celebrating our Christs’ birth. Soo, in tradition mommy left out milk and cookies for the big guy.
photo-3On Scott’s side, his mom really “makes” Christmas and this year she decided to go to Mexico where she is from to visit family and attend a wedding. On a Christmas note the family was somewhat devastated, but we muscled through it and I think it turned out great! We decided to host it at our house because there were no decorations at his parents’ (hence the never sitting down because we were cleaning, preparing food, cleaning and taking care of the little mister) But it was all worth it I would say. The lunch turned out fabulous and I think we all had a great time.
Here is our day in photos.
First we opened presents just the three of us, which didn’t take long. Ha! Scott and I did stockings and knowing G would get so many from family we just gave him a couple. IMG_3544His face in this one makes me smile.IMG_3546 IMG_3547Scott and I have a self-timer family picture tradition every year. As much as I absolutely hate this picture of me, it’s something we do every year plus Grayson of course looks cute. Self-timer is hard for him because he doesn’t know what he’s smiling at. So this was our first and best one, so there ya go!IMG_3553We made hot chocolate and the BEST (Pillsbury) cinamons rolls I’ve had in a long time!IMG_3557 IMG_3558Grayson’s first present was a giant Mr. Potato HeadIMG_3560Mommy tried moving baby into position to see his new toy, but resulted in falling. Oh how we all just love that little sad lip he gives.IMG_3565IMG_3572Family time
IMG_3575Apparently I wanted to focus on the mobile instead of them, but blurry or not I love this moment. IMG_3583Goodness I love his expressionsIMG_3582Of course I have to throw some in some Instagram goodiesphoto photo-1Grayson even got to meet Batman this Christmasphoto-2One of Santa’s helpers I saw along the way also gifted me with a cold. I’m hoping I can get rid of it before it hits hard, and praying that Grayson doesn’t get it.
I keep saying this over and over but having a baby just makes {everything} Christmas so much better. What a blessing a baby is.
Great time, great family, great Christmas.
I hope yours was the same.

One thought on “Grayson’s first Christmas

  1. I love your self timed sleepy Christmas morning faces!! And Grayson’s pouty lip… and all of his expressions really! Love your family too! Just a lot of love coming from me to you this morning! :)

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