Menifee Family Photography :: Guardado family


This is just the sweetest little family session. I love the simplicity of it.
I don’t shoot too often in the morning but my friend Sam suggested this location and it turned out great!

Both of these kids have such beautiful eyes.  menifeefamilyphotography_334 menifeefamilyphotography_328 menifeefamilyphotography_338 menifeefamilyphotography_345

My favorite family shotmenifeefamilyphotography_356 menifeefamilyphotography_369 menifeefamilyphotography_375 menifeefamilyphotography_387 menifeefamilyphotography_407 menifeefamilyphotography_417 menifeefamilyphotography_305

I love my job. I’m so blessed to get to hang out with cool people like the Guardado’s.


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