My Birthday Wishlist

Some of you might be wondering why I’ve been MIA the past two weeks and this is because I’ve been in bed sick. FOR.TWELVE.DAYS! How does that even happen? I just (re)visited the urgent care and was told I now have bronchitis, fluid in my ear and was given a breathing treatment and an inhaler. Oh and another wonderful shot in the butt! I’m really praying this helps, I miss my health, and my baby. I try to stay away because I don’t want him to get what I have and then I just don’t even have the energy to keep up with him. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and amazing family who’s taken him almost every day since I’ve been sick. Supposedly I should start feeling better by tomorrow although I’m not getting my hopes up because it feels like I’ll never get better. But I am praying the doctor is right. Anyway, enough negative Nancy. Since I’ve been laying around wishing for better health I’ve also started my thinking about my birthday wishlist. Just in case you’re interested.

I got the beautiful Betsey Johnson watch I wanted that was on my Christmas wishlist and I want a cute little bracelet to go with it.braceletknot bracelet

I’ve always loved the stamp look on anything and I would love to have this for my return addresses.stamp

Not that I’m a huge Nicolas Cage fan or anything but this is on my top ten favorite movies. And I don’t own it!movie

These are more of a necessity. camera cardAnd lastly, this is something that I had on my Christmas wishlist too but it’s good that I didn’t get because we ended up getting new phones. Since we got our phones I’ve been searching and searching and searching Amazon for a case but I cannot find one. Then I remembered the site that I found the other one I liked and found three I love in five minutes. phone case heartsphone case_anchorphone case


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